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Soft..chic and dreamy elegant on trend...-Ben Goymour Seascapes

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Soft subtle tones and dreamy seascapes are the vibe with our latest original from U.K based contemporary artist Ben Goymour. Ben predominantly paints from his love of the British coastal seascape but has explored other subject genres recently which have been hugely successful with his art collectors.With Ben still building on his base foundations he is sure to continue to evolve his artistic style and subject matters over the coming year.The trends continue for soft pastel based colours,shabby chic limed frame designs and timeless subject matters still takes lead.

The featured original this week is entitled "Our Secret place" and depicts a stunning sunset retreat scene that most of us will connect with at some time or another during holiday and get away times,especially at these times where perhaps it was not possible to get away.

Ben's painting captures a 'plein air' feel and perhaps his own feelings of sentiment and nostalgic experience. Quite often an artist pours his heart out into a painting and one can see in this painting that may highlight personal ventures to him and his experiences with his family.The painting emphasises accurate strokes of the brush leading to a very disciplined approach leaving no room for mistakes with any such realist style painting.The overall effect results in a realist effect but yet not a 'Hyperrealist' painting leaving a distinct character of its own that gives a slight 'dream like' soft etherial approach and effect. One might say slightly narrative that leads the viewer in to his or her own place.

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