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South African artistic duo causing an storm...

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Art Lounge International and Retail divisions are delighted to be one of a limited number of galleries here in the United Kingdom that will be showcasing the dynamic works of Hamish Herd and wife Brenda Herd.

Brenda, born in South Africa, is an adventurous mixed media artist is now based in the glorious county of North Yorkshire, her unique artworks draw inspiration from her surroundings: landscapes, seascapes, reflections in nature.

Paying close attention to life on Earth, she finds beauty in its contrasts and contradictions. These ideas are reflected in her fusion of texture and colour. Working with different combinations of resin, oil, acrylic and timber, she creates magical, evocative works in which the movement and union of her materials is suspended in time.

A professional artist for over 25 years, Brenda has completed many varied commissions from both corporate and domestic international clients. Painting from her studio at home she continues to share her perspective of balance and freedom in creativity.

The South African duo are now fully based in the United Kingdom and its obvious that both Hamish and Brenda have both been passionate about art since his earliest memories and has always been actively involved in the creative process together. After studying a Bachelor of Arts degree with Art History as his major Hamish started his career teaching Art at Secondary school level. It wasn’t long before he became they became full time Professionals and 25 years later are still passionate about producing excellence in every work. Hamish works in both the sculpture and painting disciplines and draws on his faith for inspiration in every piece of Art whilst Brenda's passion lies in the art of resin relief.

Now having achieved global recognition, a focus for the artistic duo has been to engage with and forge to build international collectors and relations mainly in South Africa,Dubai and with extensive commercial relations in U.A.E we are confident global domination is only a question of time. Both Hamish and Brenda have already clearly established themselves among some of the worlds most prestigious galleries ,Hoteliers and Blue Chip organisations and particularly in the financial districts where the worlds movers and shakers congregate to decipher where to invest next.

Works arriving soon from both!

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