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Stay Wild !! New evocative collection from Rob Hefferan.

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Art Lounge galleries retail division is delighted to have received three Published original paintings by world renowned British figurative artist Rob Hefferan.

The three original pieces featured here have been published as an exclusive limited edition prints of 25 copies only, making them hugely collectible works of art.


“As an artist I have never wanted to stay “stuck on repeat”, to keep things interesting to me as a creative artist and hopefully to you as a collector. ‘Stay Wild’ is mainly inspired by my love of ‘Pop Culture’ in all its Day-Glo brashness and chaos, the work of Andy Warhol, music, films and the wicked side of life!

All the ‘Stay Wild’ paintings are created in oils, acrylics and neon paint on canvas, each piece has been painted at a large scale for maximum effect.

‘I hope you love the ‘Stay Wild’ paintings as much as I did creating them’.

Rob Hefferan

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