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Marc Esteve Documentary 2021

Updated: Mar 20, 2021


Marc Esteve was born in Alcoy (Alicante) Spain in 1971. He began his studies locally at the School of Artes y Oficios. In 1994, he left his hometown to reside by the sea – his inspiration for achieving the Mediterranean light that is showcase in his works. During this period of his life discovers the essence of the Mediterranean light and the colourless of the sea.

In 1997, Esteve attended the Universidad de Bellas Artes in Althea (Spain). In 2001, after completing his studies on the university level, Esteve returned to his hometown where he now resides.

He continues to draw his inspiration from the movement and the light of the sea, but now includes local muses to create well-rounded, hyper-realistic works of art.

Esteve’s work can be found in national and private collections in locales such as Spain, England, Portugal and Russia. His work is also a part of the Royal Collection at the palace in Saudi Arabia. Esteve has participated in many collective exhibitions in his native Spain.

Art critic, Horacio Obaya, writes about Esteve’s work, “In truth, his is stupendous work that reflects the action of the sea – being stopped in the humility of a stone, of a puddle or a reflection in the coast. The process of hyper-realism is surpassed, by finding a special light that transcends the real thing to endow to the work of an image that itself does not remain in its simple transmission to the cloth if not that an intention, born of the esthetical talent of the artist. Marc, thank you for your work.

Marc Esteve review & Critics

It is still the desire to create beauty, the impulse that moves the work of Marc Esteve.

His great sense of aesthetics finds in oil painting his most refined expression. At the service of it, his excellent technique creates almost real moments, fabrics that fold with an authentic authenticity, inanimate objects in which every centimetre of her environment fills them with life, corners that together with the ever present Mediterranean Sea, cobblestone beaches of his childhood that do not seem to be in a picture, but rather to be reality itself.

This artist painter, exquisite and sensual, but with a calm look, takes advantage of all the possible of his pictorial chromaticism, to capture the beauty, subtle, intimate, of beings, objects and landscapes (Mostly referring to the Mediterranean Sea, this participant casual or full in all his work) instants that seem to be hidden to the ordinary looks, corners on the shore that Marc Esteve defoliants as if it were a flower, nothing is fortuitous, nothing is left to chance, every light, flash over the water, each blade of grass in its landscapes, is reflected in perfect union in his objects.

Marc Esteve tries to make beings and things more alive, selecting them, integrating them in an environment almost created for them, so we can become aware of how they are, soft fabrics, fruits and objects that, in any corner, await our look, landscapes that whose life stops in a moment of stillness, opening up both to the immensity that can be seen in our eyes, and to the reality that awaits us before our feet, all this to remind us where beauty resides.

Marc Esteve: “Everything is peace and harmony between the whispers of water.”

Marc Esteve oil paintings can perceive an inner silence: The one that occurs when we turn our backs on the noisy reality of our life and we enter the intimate collection of the simple things beings, whose beauty remains in an attitude beyond time.

Ana Isabel Martínez Moran (Master of Fine Arts)



Colectiva Sala Cultura de Sanjuán ( Alicante )

Colectiva Casa de la Cultura de Alcoy

Colectiva Corte Ingles ValenciaColectiva Ayunt. De Guadalest

Colectiva Casa de Cultura de Muro de alcoy

Colectiva verano Sala Gabernia (2005-2006-2007)

Colectiva invierno Galeria Echeberria (2007)

Colectiva invierno Sala Gabernia (2005-2006-2007)

Obra en permanencia:

Galeria EchanizObra en permanencia Grimes House

GalleryColectiva Galeria Portal D'art Calpe( 2010 - 2011 )

Colectiva Galeria Rincón del Arte Granada ( 2012 )

Colectiva Galeria solduba ZaragozaObra en permanencia

R. Alexander Gallery (Atlanta )

Obra en permanencia Art-Elite ( Rusia )

Colectiva Gallery Onessimo fine-art ( Estados Unidos )

Obra en permanencia Gallery Call of africa ́s ( Florida , E.E.U.U. )

Obra en permanencia Greenhouse Fine Art Gallery ( Estados Unidos )

Obra en permanencia Grimes house Fine Art ( Inglaterra )

Obra en permanencia Breeze Art Gallery ( Inglaterra )

Obra en permanencia Galería Cervantes ( Oviedo )

Obra en permanencia Gallery De Bruney fine art. ( Naples )

Obra en permanencia Southwest Gallery ( Dallas )

Obra en permanencia Sheldon Fine Art ( Naples )

Obra en permanencia Palm Beach Art. Antique & Design

Obra en permanencia Gallery Callaghan Fine Paintings

Obra en permanencia Fine All Art

Exposición colectiva Contemporany Art Gallery Art Dundee ( United Kingdom )

Obra en permanencia Fizwilliam Gallery

Obra en permanencia The Unicorn Gallery ( United Kingdom)

Obra expuesta en diferentes colecciones particularestanto nacionales como internacionales (Alemania, Portugal, Rusia, Marruecos ,etc...)

Colección Particular: Palacio Real Arabia Saudita ( Riad)

A short talk about the Mediterranean sea by Marc Esteve;

“Talking about the Mediterranean, getting close to it begins long before reaching its shore, to touch its foam with your feet ... Mediterranean first feeling is its light ... a white light that floods everything from the first morning breeze announcing the sunrise that like a candle on the horizon coming from the East announces a new day ...

The Mediterranean is not just a sea, it is a way of living, of getting closer to life, letting its breeze move the white fabrics in its eagerness to blend in with its light, the land on its shores full of fruit trees and smells of the sea. fresh flowers ...

In my paintings I remember my childhood ... my games in the sand my walks with bare feet on its beaches, falling in love with life ... I think and everything leads me to it, to the sea ... now in my maturity , the light in my paintings is the way that light enters our lives, so as not to forget that the Mediterranean is still there ... waiting for me to return to it ...”

Interview to Marc Esteve

1. Why did you decide to be a painter?

I think that no one decides to be a painter ... you somehow born to be one, from a very young age, while attending math or language class… I used to paint on the pages of books... I was literally not leaving any blank page without a scribble or small drawing. ... it's just perseverance and work, a lot of work that tells you that you only want to paint and live for it...

2. What was your academic and art formation?

The Art path is long. First seek training at “Alcoy School of Fine Arts”, then I continue my art studies at the university of Altea... After Marc Esteve born as a real painter

3. When did you start painting?

It was when in the middle of adolescence, when I went to live near the sea ... How you experience the adolescence…

4. What subjects or ideas interest you?

The light of the Mediterranean Sea, its colour palette, it is like discovering the soul, the strength of the sea, the beaches that you leave one day and then paint full of memories.

5. Why do you make art?

I remember having breakfast on the shore with my family. I was distracted watching waves approaching to us… the reflexion of the glasses, the fruits bathed by the sea and hypnotised by the ever-present sea... My need to express that calmness is by painting it and creating art.

6. Describe your process. How do you select and work with materials?

First I study the composition and proportion and I make an image in my head how it can fit on a canvas... my first step and base of the work is always to paint the sky or according to the painting its reference of the light, that will mark the whole work, then the sketch will come to pencil and the creation of the work always based on its light ...

7. What is your intention as an artist?

“My work is about storytelling, where I create Seascape scenes that suggest imaginary moments of my childhood.”

8. How do you get inspired to create a new work of art?

The sea is a vast element almost infinite. For that mean it is full of memories, happy moments, child hood the emotions. My hyperrealist creations are unique, they happen in a fraction of a second and this is exactly what inspires me, to capture that moment.

9. Are there details or techniques that are typical of you?

Yes, there are. I maybe should not unveil my secret.

“Water drops are transparent, so they assume the colour of the external environment. One of the secrets of my technique is that each droplet contains red and green depending where the light comes from. To make it simple one drop must contain; source of light, one shadow, one overtone, one colour of waves and no reflections.”

10. Who are the other artists you especially admire? How have they influenced you?

I have learned of many artists such Diego Velazquez, El Greco and others to understand the use of lighting in painting and the “chiaroscuro”. But one of the greatest artists to capture and learn light was Spanish Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida

11. What else would you like viewers to know, to help them appreciate your hyper realistic art?

My paintings always seek the perfection of the moment, I like to capture in them every detail, every little stone or drop of water are part of a symphony, they are windows that seek beauty on the outside to inspire our interior ...

12. What was your greatest inspiration for painting?

my inspiration comes from the Mediterranean light and the sea ... for me painting the sea is the search for the most abstract realism, each breeze of salt, each blow of the sea, each glint of the sun on the water ... it will be unique and its shapes will change in just an instant ... it is the capture of that perfect instant that inspires me.

13. How long does it take to paint one of your paintings?

like Jackson Pollock said ... you can tell how long it takes to make love ...

in my paintings that courtship is days, weeks ... sometimes I feel the need to distance myself from the painting to return to it with more force ... each painting is different ...

14. Where have your pictorial creations travelled?

from Spain, of course ... to the US, England, Portugal, Germany, Russia,

15. What is the most special place with Marc Esteve artworks? Why?

Are 4 paintings in the royal palace of Saudi Arabia. One of the most impressive seascapes I ever done, thus it’s amazing size 2500 x 2500 mm

16. What are the most prolific markets? What was the most expensive work ever sold?

Art collectors and Galleries of the USA and England. in the US ... $ 30,000

17. Are your works accompanied by a certificate of authenticity?

Yes, my works come with a certificate of authenticity, the dedication if the client requires it

18. What should the viewer notice when they look at your work?

Foremost, I want them to experience the light of the Mediterranean Sea through my eyes. My satisfaction is achieved when my artworks make them feel.

Secondly; that they will enjoy my paintings, how the beautiful things in life are enjoyed ... discovering the details that sometimes in everyday life we ​​overlook that drop sliding on a rock, the light of a flash on the water ... approach my paintings as we approach a window facing the sea ...

What is the message you want to send with each of your artworks?

Luz de mañana "Morning light" 80x40cm

"Morning light" oil on canvas, inspired by the pure Mediterranean light, we are seeing the same heart of the so-called costa blanca, it is during the sunshine when the sea shines brightest like a mosaic created by Gaudi of blues & white flashes of light ...

“Mediterranean in spring * oil on canvas, the sea ​​changes with the seasons, after the cold of winter. The turquoise colours open between the foam of the sea as in a dance announcing life.

"Dawn to next to the sea * oil on canvas all mornings as a child I would get up next to me father to see the sun rise behind the horizon, is the magical memory of the awakening of the day of a sky that everything is light on the sea ...

Un mar de calma "A Calm sea" 120x60cm

"A ​​calm sea" oil on canvas ... the Mediterranean is above all a sea of ​​peace, its waters are calm the image reflects the long walks on the beach, a place to find that same peace inside you.

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