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Marc Esteve Documentary 2021

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Marc Esteve was born in Alcoy (Alicante) Spain in 1971. He began his studies locally at the School of Artes y Oficios. In 1994, he left his hometown to reside by the sea – his inspiration for achieving the Mediterranean light that is showcase in his works. During this period of his life discovers the essence of the Mediterranean light and the colourless of the sea.

In 1997, Esteve attended the Universidad de Bellas Artes in Althea (Spain). In 2001, after completing his studies on the university level, Esteve returned to his hometown where he now resides.

He continues to draw his inspiration from the movement and the light of the sea, but now includes local muses to create well-rounded, hyper-realistic works of art.

Esteve’s work can be found in national and private collections in locales such as Spain, England, Portugal and Russia. His work is also a part of the Royal Collection at the palace in Saudi Arabia. Esteve has participated in many collective exhibitions in his native Spain.

Art critic, Horacio Obaya, writes about Esteve’s work, “In truth, his is stupendous work that reflects the action of the sea – being stopped in the humility of a stone, of a puddle or a reflection in the coast. The process of hyper-realism is surpassed, by finding a special light that transcends the real thing to endow to the work of an image that itself does not remain in its simple transmission to the cloth if not that an intention, born of the esthetical talent of the artist. Marc, thank you for your work.

Marc Esteve review & Critics

It is still the desire to create beauty, the impulse that moves the work of Marc Esteve.

His great sense of aesthetics finds in oil painting his most refined expression. At the service of it, his excellent technique creates almost real moments, fabrics that fold with an authentic authenticity, inanimate objects in which every centimetre of her environment fills them with life, corners that together with the ever present Mediterranean Sea, cobblestone beaches of his childhood that do not seem to be in a picture, but rather to be reality itself.

This artist painter, exquisite and sensual, but with a calm look, takes advantage of all the possible of his pictorial chromaticism, to capture the beauty, subtle, intimate, of beings, objects and landscapes (Mostly referring to the Mediterranean Sea, this participant casual or full in all his work) instants that seem to be hidden to the ordinary looks, corners on the shore that Marc Esteve defoliants as if it were a flower, nothing is fortuitous, nothing is left to chance, every light, flash over the water, each blade of grass in its landscapes, is reflected in perfect union in his objects.

Marc Esteve tries to make beings and things more alive, selecting them, integrating them in an environment almost created for them, so we can become aware of how they are, soft fabrics, fruits and objects that, in any corner, await our look, landscapes that whose life stops in a moment of stillness, opening up both to the immensity that can be seen in our eyes, and to the reality that awaits us before our feet, all this to remind us where beauty resides.

Marc Esteve: “Everything is peace and harmony between the whispers of water.”

Marc Esteve oil paintings can perceive an inner silence: The one that occurs when we turn our backs on the noisy reality of our life and we enter the intimate collection of the simple things beings, whose beauty remains in an attitude beyond time.

Ana Isabel Martínez Moran (Master of Fine Arts)



Colectiva Sala Cultura de Sanjuán ( Alicante )

Colectiva Casa de la Cultura de Alcoy

Colectiva Corte Ingles Valencia
Colectiva Ayunt. De Guadalest

Colectiva Casa de Cultura de Muro de alcoy

Colectiva verano Sala Gabernia (2005-2006-2007)

Colectiva invierno Galeria Echeberria (2007)

Colectiva invierno Sala Gabernia (2005-2006-2007)

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Galeria Echaniz
Obra en permanencia Grimes House

Colectiva Galeria Portal D'art Calpe( 2010 - 2011 )

Colectiva Galeria Rincón del Arte Granada ( 2012 )

Colectiva Galeria solduba Zaragoza
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R. Alexander Gallery (Atlanta )

Obra en permanencia Art-Elite ( Rusia )

Colectiva Gallery Onessimo fine-art ( Estados Unidos )

Obra en permanencia Gallery Call of africa ́s ( Florida , E.E.U.U. )

Obra en permanencia Greenhouse Fine Art Gallery ( Estados Unidos )

Obra en permanencia Grimes house Fine Art ( Inglaterra )

Obra en permanencia Breeze Art Gallery ( Inglaterra )

Obra en permanencia Galería Cervantes ( Oviedo )

Obra en permanencia Gallery De Bruney fine art. ( Naples )

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