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Wild ,Whacky ...and Rozanne Bell.

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Well we are delighted to have received five stunning new Original works by no other than gallery favourite Rozanne Bell. Roz has recently added to her ever evolving studio range and has impressed collectors with her fun,sensual and sometimes slightly nostalgic new genres.

From Pandas to penguins she has it all!, her stunning mixed media and resin paintings have recently evolved using more complex techniques using metallic leaf and glitters to create new dimensions and textural effects,yet still remain sophisticated in their

own right.

This new beautifully soft and adorable collection focus's on new homes interior trends using soft pastel colours introducing pinks blues and greys all tied together with a wonderful shabby chic pastel grey wood grain profile frame. So you can be sure to keep on trend with interior decor and fabulous collectable art in your home.

Check out the PDF Brochure on the website menu and sit back and relax while browsing.

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