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Art Lounge International has proudly and successfully shown Antonio’s paintings since 1989 in the Leamington Gallery. We are thrilled to be able to include many new arrivals.

Antonio Iannicelli, inspired by his stunning local views of Naples as a boy, displayed talent for painting costal views and landscapes. Now living and working in Castelvoltumo, Iannicelli has featured in over twenty exhibitions throughout Italy and Europe, winning many awards and prizes.


Choosing to work exclusively in oil, Iannicelli communicates the sensuous and joyful Italian spirit in the warm coastal resorts along with the uniquely cosmopolitan atmosphere of Venice. The vibrant palette of colour and light from the beauty of his surroundings is displayed in these magnificent paintings and makes them easy to appreciate and accessible to a wide audience.



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Please scroll down to see our Antonio Iannicelli collection including many new arrivals.

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