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Art Lounge International is proud to have been the first gallery in the U.K to represent and exhibit Conrado Lopez.Conrado Lopez is an extraordinary Andalusian urban graffiti artist.

 His unorthodox style being described as "urban in orientation"is a new unique art form to explode on the art market. The underworld artistic community have come to know him as “Size92”. Art Lounge International is delighted to be the first and sole representation for him in the United Kingdom in 2021.


Conrado Lopez first began painting graffiti on the walls of Jerez de la Frontera in the south of Spain at an early age of 12. Conrado’s first paintings were exhibited in Shoreditch and Brick Lane.He then went to study Illustration at the Escuela de Arte José Nogué in Jaén before moving to London in 2016. His works are achieving notable success now in the United States.

Urban art ,in the form of Graffiti is one of Conrado’s greatest influences which he now combines with traditional oil technique in the studio. Conrado now utilises fine art techniques with a passion for art outdoor pursuit, whilst seeking a new concept that combines these two worlds. He is now finding a new contemporary insight that goes far beyond the exclusively random yet provocative and vandalism image that urban art generally suffers.


Conrado also now produces  very expressive portraiture and nude studies which are  hugely energetic yet visually animated. The theatre and the composition is primary in his thought, along  with the colour contrasts, everything aims to explore the subject in it's beauty and sensual form.

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