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Master artist Jose Royo's new collection arrives at Art Lounge International.

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

We are more than excited to receive a new stunning collection from Spanish master artist Jose Royo.New International collectors pieces are arriving daily at Art Lounge International division and they are certainly getting the attention of his ever loyal collectors.

The enthralling new piece titled "Dulzura"meaning 'sweetness' has already been secured by a private collector before its arrival and was sent direct from the artist studio from his own private collection.

It was painted between July and August 2020.

Royo comments that he recently varnished this batch of paintings that he is handling

Mr. Royo (as he like to be known ) has two favourite models, Raquel and María.

This particular artwork the artist wanted to represent Raquel in a calm and soft contemplative mood.

" On the left area I wanted to re-create sun reflections"

"She is an Angel ( Raquel) ,a small angel from heaven. She can not be sweeter and softer, her way of looking and the clench crossing her face."

“Dulzura”- Muse


Original oil

2021-Commencing Spring

21st century Master artist

Jose Royo.

New appointments available for private consultation and portfolio building advice.

Contact the International sales team and an expert advisor will be on hand.

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